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Additional Services

  • Various tests and procedures are performed at your office visit to appropriately diagnose, treat, manage, or monitor the progress of your allergies and/or asthma.
  • Allergy Skin Test – In testing, a small amount of known allergens are applied to the surface of your skin with a gentle brushlike tool made of plastic, called a DermaPik. Today’s method is virtually painless.
  • Lung Function Test (PFT) – Objective measurement of lung function is an important component of asthma management. Even a good physical examination cannot accurately measure obstruction, air flow, or lung volumes. For this reason, objective measurement is important when evaluating a short-term complaint or for long-term asthma management.
  • Tympanogram – This procedure is used to detect the presence of fluid in the middle ear, or to detect blockage or dysfunctioning of the eustachian tubes, in order to evaluate the results of treatment.